Saturday, January 28, 2006

The not-so-magnificent sevens...

I have been tagged.
Thanks, Jawbox fella, no really...
Still, it would be rude to ignore, so here goes. For what it's worth.
Or - more honestly - isn't...

Seven things to do before I die:
1) Tour eastern Europe.
2) Buy a banjo.
3) Make my fortune with electric-blanket-style jackets.
4) Read beyond the first book of Remembrance Of Times Past.
5) Perform in Nashville.
6) See Tottenham win the league.
7) Master the art of time travel.
Seven things I cannot do:
1) Draw.
2) Dance.
3) Drink tea.
4) Sudoku.
5) Change a tyre.
6) Listen to jazz.
7) Read Catch-22.
Seven things that attract me to... London:
1) Waterloo Bridge.
2) The Bloomsbury squares south of Euston station.
3) The Open Air Theatre at Regents Park
4) The view of the Wembley Arch and Neasden Temple from the North Circular.
5) Camden Lock.
6) The Kinks room and the Spurs satellite streams in the Clissold Arms.
7) The moral end of the Seven Sisters Road.
Seven things I say:
1) "Lovely stuff."
2) “Sorry I’m late, the train…�
3) “Fine, ta.�
4) “Enjoy!�
5) “Bonnet da Douche, as they say in the Basque…�
6) “Get in the game.�
7) “That’s a great story, have you got any more?�
Seven books that I love:
1) Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland/Through The Looking-Glass
2) Franz Kafka, The Castle
3) Patrick Hamilton, The Midnight Bell
4) Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime And Punishment
5) George Orwell, Keep The Aspidistra Flying
6) Jonathan Coe, The Rotter’s Club
7) Giovanni Guareschi, The Little World Of Don Camillo
Seven movies that I've loved:
1) Bonnie And Clyde
2) Unforgiven
3) The Apartment
4) The Muppet Movie
5) Ninotchka
6) Goodfellas
7) Punch Drunk Love
Seven people to tag:
1) NotesfromN4 Mike
2) Being Sam Carberry
3) Overnight Editor
4) Think, Think, Think Beth
5) Insane Ramblings Clare
6) Musings In A Metropolis Clara
7) Lyndon


Beth said...

I've done one of these recently, so I'm going to answer here.

Seven things to do before I die:
1) Visit New York at Christmas
2) Get married
3) Become a mother
4) Have a job that I find fulfilling
5) See Metallica in Concert
6) Learn to drive
7) Forgive my mother

Seven things I cannot do:
1) Run for fun
2) Drive
3) Sleep without some sort of noise in the background
4) Just let it go when someone does a cover of a song that was find in the first place
5) Diet
6) Walk for more than an hour straight in heels
7) Chat up a guy in a bar

Seven things that attract me to... London:
1) The Tate Modern
2) Cocktails in Leicester Square
3) The lights at Picadilly Circus
4) The wide cross section of different cultures
5) Theatre
6) The shopping
7) Walking through the city

Seven things I say:
1) "Groovy."
2) “Oh For FUCK..."
3) “Dude!�
4) “You are entitled to your opinion, however in this instance you are wrong.�
5) “Bunch of muppets�
6) “Not that theres anything wrong with that�
7) “Meh, whatever.�

Seven books that I love:
1)Less Than Zero - Brett Easton Ellis
2) When Things Fall Apart - Pema Chodron
3) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S Thompson
4)Kitchen Confidential - Anthony Bourdain
5)The Dirt - Motley Crue
6) Veronika Decides to Die - Paulo Coelho
7)Kennedys Children - Robert Patrick

Seven movies that I've loved:
1) The Breakfast Club
2) High Fidelity
3) Clerks
4) St Elmo's Fire
5) Kissing Jessica Stein
6) Beautiful Girls
7) Tigerland

x118 said...

Seven days in a week ?

fruey (Let's Have It) said...

Catch 22 is actually quite a good book.

I'll have to look up on the Internet to see if Keep the Aspidistra Flying is available as an eBook for free (or otherwise) because getting English books in France is a pain. Yes I know you can order from Amazon UK and get 'em delivered, but it takes too long.

The Apartment is a film I'm just looking up too. Do you mean this one?


ozzyru27 said...

Hi Akr

Thank you for your last post on my blog about the driving. Im sorry it has taken me so long to respond, had loads of work on, and as you can imagien hardly been in as been driving everywhere, thank god!!!
Im afraid although shocked I had to giggle a little when I read your blog, your first driving test certainly seemed doomed from the word go with the branch falling, lol, I cant imangine how t made you feel to take the second one, were you more nervous or just went with the flow? I know if that had happened to me I woul have been more than convinced should never take it again and give up probably, lol, as the day before my test a hub cap cam off my car whislt having a driving lesson and I was totally convinced it was a bad omen and the car would literally fall to bits during the test, but luckily it didnt and somehow I got through!
Like your most recent blog, 'seven things', love the idea of the electri blanket coat lol, whens it go in production??? I can certainly say I totally agree with you on all the 'attract to London' things, especially waterloo bridge, although have to disagree with the moral end of seven sisters road, prefer my barracks in chelsea, god im a snobby twat sometimes when Im working in London, being an artist its one of my many facades!!!
Im afraid Ill have to sound quite ignorant now however to the ever continual wonders of the web, that I have no ida what a tag is, and what it means when someone has been tagged, please enlighten me.
Take care
Ruth x

Mike said...

I can easily imagine you busking in Moscow, with a copy of Rememberance of Times Past tucked away in your Electric Blanket Jacket. You may even be able to take your banjo to Nashville and get there using your Tardis, but Spurs to win the league? Are you kidding?!

prolix said...

"Make my fortune with electric-blanket-style jackets."

You really shouldn't post that without a patent on it, it's not long until Dragon's Den returns to our screens!

Aidan said...

Beth - Found myself nodding in agreement with most of your 'cannot do' ones, except 2), since I can (just about and despite the obligatory first test disaster - and the nerve-wracked yet flukily successful second...), and, well, 7), because I haven't tried nor wanted to.
The less said about how I know I can't manage 6), the probably better...

That is indeed the 'The Apartment' I meant, and love - apparently Billy Wilder only convinced Jack Lemmon to drag up for Some Like It Hot by promising him The Apartment as a follow-up, and a treat it is too - both Lemmon and the lovely young Shirley MacLaine. One of the few comedies to win Best Oscar, though it is a rather sad and alternately bitter comedy in places...

As for the electric blanket jackets, perhaps if I start production somehow, soonest, I could combine it with trying to help Spurs win the league - I'm thinking some kind of Puma-sponsored, electric-blanket-style Spurs shirt, thus eliminating any excuse for the disturbing and uninspiring sight of a highly-paid, peak-physical-condition footballer taking to the field in a pair of namby-pamby gloves...