Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hands up who thinks Keano's been our player of the year...?

Entirely agree.
Superb skills, prolific finishing and, above all, an inspired and inspiring attitude - while Ledley's worn the armband, he's been the cajoling captainesque influence.
And a living lesson to Jermain on how to respond to squad striker rotation... Hope and trust Defoe'll do similar next season.
Oh, and somehow, the Robster's still only 25. Strange but true...


WDKY said...

Without doubt. He's been a complete revelation and a key to the success that we've enjoyed this season.

Are you getting nervous? I thought I was dying last saturday.

prolix said...

I knew we (Everton) should have signed him when we *allegedly* had the chance.

Toxic said...

Looks like being dropped down to 3rd choice striker was the best thing to happen for him.