Saturday, April 29, 2006

'I talk to the trees, but they don't listen to me...'

... probably because all I do is yap on about football the whole damn time.
Sorry, I've realised my recent entries have been a little one-dimensional.

I'll try to be more various from now on.
For example, I have a fair few showtunes-related thoughts fermenting, which I hope to share soon... when they achieve a little coherence. Just a little, mind...


Toxic said...

Can't help thinking about an old mate reading the title, he did a great version of the song as sung by Elmer Fudd.

Aidan said...

Heh, sounds, er, intriguing...
Lovely song, but forever ruined in terms of credibility, I think, within seconds of Spike Milligan crooning:
"I talk to the trees - that's why they take me away..."

Toxic said...

I've now listened through most of Buddy Guy's output since posting that but still can't get

"I talk to the twees, but they don't wisten to me..."

out of my head