Saturday, April 29, 2006

Three lions on a flag...

Well, I've been discussing it for aeons (not always entirely soberly) with Little Daz, the most effervescent sports fan I've ever met (all sports it seems, from yer football World Cups to tiddlywinks inter-county grudge games...), so here's the story, England's glory...

HOWEVER they play on the pitch, England could at least be crowing about an off-field triumph this summer - the World Cup's biggest flag.
It weighs 100kg, covers 6,000 square feet and cost £3,750 - and will need its own special coach to transport it across Germany.
But while you may not want to get stuck underneath as it floats across the stands, a group of England fans is hoping to stun opposing fans into silence.
The massive banner was the idea of 30-year-old Darren Pullen, a Spurs season ticket-holder from Billericay, Essex.
He was inspired by the huge 'surfer' flags he had seen in foreign stadiums - and thought England should have its own.
He got the thumbs-up from the FA to take the flag, which bears the St George's cross, the 'Three Lions' crest and the 60ft-high, 100ft-wide message: 'We still believe'.
He said: 'As far as we know, this is the largest surfer flag ever produced in England for regular use.
'Some of the surfer flags you get in other countries are absolutely massive - but none of them will be a scratch on ours.'
After designing the flag last summer, he worried about raising enough money to get it made by Oldham-based Barmyflags - and fire-proofed.
But supporters, celebrities and newspapers all chipped in with contributions.
He said: '400 englandfans members have donated to it - including kids as young as nine giving up their pocket money, so the "Fans' Flag" really is what it says.'
The flag has impressed chart-topping band Embrace, who have asked to borrow it for their video accompanying England's official Germany 2006 anthem.

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