Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Trying to write a classic, trying to find the magic - wastebin full of paper, clever rhymes: see you later..."

Just seven days now until my eight-minute 'comeback gig' (the least-called-for since Donny and Marie Osmond got caterwaulingly back together...) at Camden's G-Lounge, and yet only now have I bothered to look up the necessary "original material" songs I last worked on at least six years ago... only to find them embarrassingly ponderous and po-faced... Pah.
I've spent various flashes of downtime at work the past few days jotting down hopefully-wittier, lighter-touched lyrics, to go with what seem okayish-for-now melodies.
And I have Friday off, to devote to more intensive efforts.
But it won't be pleasant.
I wonder if I dare try to pass off an obscure B-side by, say, XTC, The Auteurs or even Arlo Guthrie as all my own work, and hope and trust I don't get busted...
Well, it's a potential Plan B anyway...

Sad news about Gene Pitney, by the by... Always preferred Dusty's version of 24 Hours From Tulsa, and to be honest felt his singing voice sounded more like someone slowly squeezing the air out of Shirley Bassey, but he certainly seemed a trouper.
And no one deserves to die in a Cardiff hotel room. At least, without going out the Ox way, anyway...
I trust The Sun will be more tactful tomorrow than with their "You've Lost That Living Feeling"-headlined "tribute" to ex-Righteous Brother Bobby Hatfield.
Any hint of "Something's Gotten Hold Of His Heart" or "24 Hours From Pulse... argh!", and it's cancelled subscriptions all round...
RIP anyway, Gene - and special thanks for writing the stellar "Hello, Mary Lou" for Ricky Nelson too.

So that's Gene Pitney gone to join the choir invisible, Gene Vincent too, and of course, best of 'em all, Gene Clark.
Gene Gallagher, Liam's boy, will have to start redressing the imbalance some time soon.
Well, his songwriting can't be much worse than his dad's, surely...?


Aureala said...

Hiya, how's the song-rewriting going? (Maybe you should just write some new songs. About Sussex, perhaps?) Wish you luck on that. Finding the perfect rhyme can be such a pain sometimes - I should know, being a bit of a songwriter myself! I did manage to fit the words 'strawberry pavlova' into a song once... What are the strangest lyrics you've ever written?

Cute picture of the Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary though. Now I'll have to write a song about a fox who wears socks...

Anyway, hope the gig goes well. And thanks for commenting on my blog! Pip-pip!

Adam said...

Look on the brighter side of things, even if the lyrical progression flops like an obese mouse on a treadmill, you're still left with an attractive looking book on rhyming words to caress.

Definitely a shame about Gene Pitney, the usual morbid and pessimistic comments flew around this house of how he was only 64 or 65 (Somewhere around that region...). I may as well just begin building my coffin now.

...What better way is there to spend 3 weeks holiday for Easter?

Aidan said...

The precise reasoning now escapes me, but I once wrote a song which started with the words "Acetyltrimethylcolchicinic acid".
I wouldn't recommend it.

Lyndon said...

I can hardly resist turning any conversation to The Simpsons:
(from the Bowling Team one...)

All but Homer:
Come on, Homer! Come on, Homer!
Pretend this is baseball and hit us a homer!

[Homer gets a strike; they cheer]

Homer: By the way, guys: rhyming "Homer" with "homer"? [kisses fingers]