Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"You dirrty old man..."

In all the time I've enjoyed the uneasy blend of farce and enmity of Steptoe And Son, the idea of Harry H Corbett and Wilfrid Brambell duetting beyond the grave with Christina Aguilera never occurred even in the most vivid of dreams/nightmares...
Until now, thanks to Bugmix and the best of his collection of frankly-rather-odd mash-ups. (I'm afraid you have to do a little searching on the site, clicking for his mash-ups and mixes and looking out for the odd-looking threesome...)
But it's worthwhile. Ish.
Even if not quite as delightful as the "Desperate Hours" episode guest-starring Leonard Rossiter as an escaped con from nearby Wormwood Scrubs...
(Also featuring "gravel-voiced DJ" Tommy Vance, though he would find finer comedy for himself in Brass Eye many years later...: "Well, they gotcha then. They gone and banged you up good and proper. So what now? What I'd like to do right now is to take your bad half outside, and do it an extremely physical discourtesy; and then buy your good half a pint of foaming, nut-brown ale. Cheers.")

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