Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"The colours changed, rearranged our lives..."

Well done, Wolves board, for an admirable decision, which I hope and trust will pay off next season.
Okay, so many Wolves fans were annoyed they didn't blitz their way into the Premiership last year. Plus ca change, eh...
Many Wolves fans are fickle fools of the most unsupportive order. Many were turning against Dave Jones even as he took them up for the first time in aeons, even under the constant pressure that is the sleeping-giant-syndrome...
Frankowski, yes, seems to be a poor signing. But Glenn is potentially a great coach, and been unfairly, easily maligned, so much so by a pernickety Press with an agenda against his un-El-Tel-esque "aloofness" or simple, quiet calm.
Would have him back as England boss in a heartbeat, but that's just me, I know... When did England last look so composed, though...?
But anyway. Good decision by the Wolves, though suspect he needs to fly out of the traps at the start of the season or poxy Moxey'll do a Levy on him.
My mum's side of the family are all Wolves, and have seemed always eager to counter my Glenn-glorifying, especially during the past few months.
But my cousin Daniel sent me an admirable and succinct text this evening: "Probably a fair decision. 2nd chances n all. Don't recall us playing the continuity card before."
Hope and trust it pays off well.
Oh, and the omens are encouraging...
The last two sides to finish seventh in the Championship were...
2003-2004: Wigan
2004-5: Reading
See you again in the Premiership, then, Glenn...
(For those wondering why I adore the King of White Hart Lane so, a brief but beautiful indication can be found, albeit blurrily, here...)

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