Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Spring is here, s-sper-ring is here..."

This court case is not, strictly speaking, very amusing or frivolous at all, what with all the disturbing details and psychological skewednesses obviously involved, but...
Well, having skipped over the name of the defendant David "Ha!-Same-name-as-an-ex-Gooner" Platt, I just couldn't help but be reminded of Homer's admirable attempts to cheer himself up by mixing some home-made Prozac.
If not for certain inevitable, if irritating, design flaws.

"Needs more ice cream..."


Toxic said...

Came into a chem lab late one time and proceded to do what the lecturer had told the others not to do made some nice poisonous gas and the whole place had to be evacuated, somehow I still passed.

Aureala said...

The fools, the fools! Mr Platt should have left it to the professionals. That said, I'd studied Chem at one point and I wouldn't cook up drugs in my kitchen. *Gives an angelic smile*

Still, what kind of idiot tries to mix his own drugs, omit a vital ingredient, and attempt to use it anyway? Drinking industrial drain cleaner? Nice.

On the bright side, I suppose that Platt and Co. should now have very clean gullets...

Anyway, this has been a pretty interesting entry - keep it up! : )