Friday, July 28, 2006

"When the temperature goes right up, and the weather is sizzlin' hot - Mister Adam, for his madam, is not..."

'Cos it's too. Darn. Hot.

... so much so, that I merely smiled, nodded politely, then got off at the wrong stop the other evening, instead of spearing with a harpoon, plunging a wax-seal knife into the neck, rushing with a speckled swamp adder, or even simply bidding a terse "Good day to you, sir", when targeted on the Tube by an utter nutcase jabbering on about how the same man created both Sherlock Holmes... and Conan The Barbarian.


* (asterisk) said...

'Tis a tad warm, but that's no excuse for not knowing that Holmes was created by Conan the Barbarian. No... Conan O'Brien. Edgar Allen Poe, I mean. What?

overnighteditor said...

It was Sir Arnold Conan Schwarzenegger.