Monday, August 07, 2006

"The bigger they are..."

Cricket is a game of grace and balance, delicacy and dignity.

Well, maybe not always...

Inzy's ill-fated impression of a hurdling elephant aside, the highlight of the Third Test so far has been Ian Bell's third successive century, hit not only with welcome force and confidence, but even more surprising swiftness.

And the reason for such form? Well, it can only be down to the Warwickshire batsman having just joined the blogging brigade.

Some superb "banter" there from the boy Belly/Bellie (you'll see he's ambivalent on the precise, "proper" spelling.)

Almost enough to forgive the suggestion a series average of 17 meant he "played my part in last summer's defeat of Australia in the Ashes", when he might of course have been justifiably confined to a downstairs seat on that open-top bus...

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