Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"Paranoia strikes deep, into your life it will creep..."

Smart, sexy, and sassy, both the press and other staffers know not to mess with Claudia Jean. A natural at her job, the press secretary is sensitive toward women's issues and stands up for 'the Sisterhood'. Her wit and one-liners along with her lip synching ability are known across the land.

So am I, so says just another "Which etcetcetc character are you?", in this case the wonderful "The West Wing".

Hmm, well I might have preferred to have "been" the mumbling-wise-crackin' Josh Lyman (so much better in "The West Wing" than in "Billy Madison"), rather than the poacher-turned-Press-gamekeeper CJ (not that my recent journalistic efforts have been very, er, poach-y - more like mere bird-watching...)

Have been stuck somewhere in series four for too, too long (thanks to my Chinese-imported boxsets, thankfully without such distracting subtitling oddities as elsewhere), and so have done my best to avoid the recent show's-end eulogies.
It is great entertainment, though, and even enough to have me idly hankering after not only a career in backroom political intrigues, but a helpful hinterland in (splutter) law...

A favourite moment, after a rather harrowing little self-harm (then swift recovery) sequence:
Leo: "What are you doing?"
Josh: "I thought you wanted to hug me...?"
Leo: "Boy, did you read that wrong...!"


Toxic said...

As soon as I clicked cynical and then Yankees I knew it would be Toby...though I'm not bald with facial hair and I only clicked the Doobies cause my old teacher is a roadie for them.

Lyndon said...

True, some of the responses make it a little predictable - though I was actually pleasantly surprised to get: President Bartlett! Woohoo! Don't mock Notre Dame before the Michigan game or I'll make you wear a silly hat!

Aidan said...

Anyone else ready to join our alterna-Cabinet that seems to be conveniently forming...?

In the meantime, you two can argue amongst yourselves...

Toxic said...

Couldn't do a worse job than the current lot...think I just scared myself.