Sunday, August 20, 2006

"Surrey seams to be the hardest worked..."

After being drenched last year, and depressed this, 12 months from now I think I'll avoid Tottenham's opening game of the Premiership season and instead focus on going to the Oval Test, where after last year's Ashes climax, and today's "ball-tampering" flounce-tastic fiasco, a small place in cricketing history appears guaranteed.

What next year, though, when India come calling? Maybe a giant fire-breathing dragon clambering over the Vauxhall End (and thus inconveniently interfering with the batsman's sightlines...)? Or perhaps a Magnolia-style deluge of frogs, to add an apocalyptic new element to "Rain stopped play"?

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prolix said...

"Surrey seams to be the hardest worked..."

I'm in awe of this!