Thursday, August 17, 2006

"There are fewer more depressing sights than that of an English man in a baseball cap..."

... and yet surely fewer more pointless police pursuits, than that of continually adding yet more charges to the Pete Doherty
(w)rap sheet?
Here's another seven for the tally, though most must have lost count by now. When he reaches 100 charges, does he get to keep the handcuffs?

Shame, because the two Libertines albums are stunning in many parts. Pete not only bothered to turn up once, but both times I had tickets to his gigs, and on each occasion put on a surprisingly-storming show - one acoustic and solo (well, with occasional harmonies from Dot Allison) at the tiny Freebutt pub in the backstreets of Be-Right-On, and one at the seashore Concorde 2 with whatever incarnation of Babyshambles hadn't yet had enough of him.

Should never have got mixed up with that Croydon crowd. Plus, he's a QPR fanzine fanboy, so he's suffered enough already, surely...?


prolix said...

As in the Concorde2 in Brighton? I don't know of any others! I love that venue, seen many a band there.

Aidan said...

That's the one and only, yup. Flyingplasticpintglasses-tastic.
The rambles back along the beach were good for clearing the head, though...

* (asterisk) said...

I like the Libs' debut album and the second is okay in parts. I even thought Doherty came across really well in that Kirsty Wark (?) interview for the BBC. But I've really had enough of his being an arse now. And them Dirty Pretty Things are so much better than Babyshambles.