Thursday, August 17, 2006

"What's Ike got to do, got to do with it...?"

Jarring and unnecessary analogy of the day, from Johann Hari's otherwise-serious and incisive piece in the Independent today headlined "The spiteful return of anti-Semitism": "It's easy to identify the extremes, the [comedian Steve] Hugheses or [Mel] Gibsons, but harder to see the shades of grey building towards them, partly because anti-Semitism is a concept that has been more abused than Tina Turner at the hands of Ike."

Just a guess, but perhaps as Johann was preparing to file his copy, that final turn of phrase just eluding him as the deadline approached, the radio happened to strike up "River Deep, Mountain High", and, well, the rest writes itself...?
A track that is, of course, no redress for domestic cruelty and abuse - but is, at least, a creation of wonder and joy in its own right.

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Lyndon said...

Thought exactly the same thing as I read the Indy piece... I quite like their news pages, but am going to have to just avoid the opinion bits, cos they are just poor.