Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Moments of ecstatic happiness - and the moments of stress that we had better forget..."

November 21st is quite a date in history, and I hope you marked yesterday appropriately. You could take your pick of momentous events to commemorate: Voltaire's death in 1694, possibly defending someone's right to say something of which he disapproved - Homer's hero Thomas Edison announcing his invention of the phonograph in 1877 - Bloody Sunday in Ireland, the 1920 version that is - 'I Only Want To Be With You' in 1963 giving the divine Dusty her first solo hit - the IRA bombing the Tavern In The Town and the Mulberry Bush in Birmingham in 1974 - George W Bush's discharge from the US Air Force Reserve the following year - and way back when, on this day in 1871, Emilio Onra becoming the first human cannonball.

Oh, and last year, this blog sneaked in a side-door to the blogosphere and clung to the wall with a nervous look upon the face and a glass of Dutch courage in hand. At the risk of seeming even more irrelevantly self-indulgent than usual (well, there's blogging for you...), here for no good reason is a quick, slapdash hop-skip-and/or-jump-per-month through some of the time idly passed so far...

November 2005 / November 2005
December 2005 / December 2005
January 2006 / January 2006
February 2006 / February 2006
March 2006 / March 2006
April 2006 / April 2006
May 2006 / May 2006
June 2006 / June 2006
July 2006 / July 2006
August 2006 / August 2006
September 2006 / September 2006
October 2006 / October 2006

Now let us never speak of them again...

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Happy blogiversary, old chap. Congrats.