Sunday, December 24, 2006

"How very interesting..."

Blogging etiquette suggests that once "tagged", you should really respond, even if deep-lyingly snobbish instincts harrumph that "me-me"s aren't really for, well, me. But since I haven't done one for a while, since "tagger" Toxic is a fellow (today-suffering) Spurs fan, and since, well, it's Chriiiiistmaasss, here goes...

Five things you may, and I emphasise may, not know about your correspondent...:
* I live on the same road as one of Spike Milligan's blue-plaque-d former homes.
* I once sent (while a young child, obviously) a picture I'd drawn, to whatever Tony Hart's show was called at the time, only for a response suggesting Tony was very impressed, but unfortunately there was no room in "The Gallery" for it, and here are some postcards of Morph, angry Chaz and Mr Bennett as so-called consolation. Huh.
* I've been (undeservedly) reported to the Press Complaints Commission three times, and (deservedly, though I would say that) won a hat-trick of vindications.
* I trained for six months to take part in the first - and, so far, only - London's Fittest Firefighter challenge, in Covent Garden four years ago. And finished last. Though all the rest had the advantage of being proper firefighters.
* The same year, I abseiled down the Crystal Palace Tower. Okay, that isn't quite true. It wasn't the actual Crystal Palace Tower with which you might be familiar, but a 15-storey apartment block that happens to be in Crystal Palace Park.

Not quite a contractual obligation, I know, but I feel better getting that done and dusted. Well, marginally, anyway.
Anyone that now wants to "tag" themselves similarly, please do feel free...

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