Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"That 'joke' isn't funny any more..."

It's so-and-so as you've never seen them before...!

No, it's not, it's just another tedious Alison Jackson attempt at... art? comedy?, by having, yes, a fuzzy photograph of a hardly-look-a-like or two in supposedly shocking circumstances or poses. And here they are again, coming to a struggling newspaper page three near you for no reason other than... well, I dunno.

Someone please take a stand and say, no, this just won't do - no more fawning newspaper or magazine articles, no more exhibitions, no more hour-long TV tributes, that ultimately, unwittingly say more about Jackson's depressing obsession with frivolous celebrity-culture than wider society's.

She gets to mock both the c'lebs and us plebs, and do it again and again and again - stuffing her face with cake while, barely smearing the cream and crumbs from her chops, holding out her plate for more, more, more...


Lyndon said...

Who's Alison Jackson?

No one getting mocked, here, my friend.

Aidan said...

Curse This Is London and its changing weblinks.
Hopefully I've now appropriately amended.

oe said...

Good call. Not funny, not satire, not even good mockery.

Maybe Jackson should get lookalikes of the editors of the nationals to snort coke through fifties while laughing at how they've destroyed Britain's public life, sneering at the plebs who buy into this shit and at the same time, lecturing us all on how to behave. See how that goes down, Alison.

No-trick pony.