Thursday, February 08, 2007

"My tactic was to get them all down to exactly the same level..."

... we lost, then? Ah well. Schade.

For all my misplaced fervor last WorldCuptime, I'm struggling to imagine in which circumstances I might have cared less about tonight's unjustifiable-on-any-level matadoria versus Spain. Especially after the grinning-ginga left Robbo hanging heavily on a line to dry, to shield his baffling bonus of Lumpalard on the left.
(Just how's he going to score any deflections from there, eh...?)

Still, I always had Mac and his disturbing island of tufty hair, frontwards, amid a struggle of back-receding red, down as a wrong'un from his early-days drinks reception at which he allowed himself to be completely and utterly dominated by the fellow repel-some redhead Kay Burley.
And so an un'appy era begins...

Oh, if only, if only... Que sera, sera:

The three Ms indeed...
(Sorry: small 'm', for Cookcopyrightreasons...)

Or else:

Has any England side, since 1990,

played so sustainedly well under any man other than this...?:

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