Sunday, January 31, 2016

No hope for migrants 'left to rot in new Jungle'

Some bunch around flickering fires amid freezing chill winds, others bunch up trying to protect their shivering babies under flimsy canvas sheets.
What some deem a ‘swarm’ of migrants must now trudge through swamps of mud at a refugee wasteland near Dunkirk dubbed the new ‘Jungle’, after the Calais camp now turning many away.
Parents of young children stuck at Grande-Synthe in northern France told Metro of their desperation to escape - and fears for survival.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Oh, look out - you rock'n'rollers..."

A pleasure and a privilege as ever to chat to 77-year-old bass maestro Herbie Flowers, who played not only on Bowie’s breakthrough Space Oddity single and album in 1969, but also the Diamond Dogs LP and tour of 1974. Oh, and he also played on the sessions for Lou Reed’s classic Transformer LP of 1972, produced by Bowie - but with Flowers coming up with the defining bass riff to 'Can I Kick It?', sorry, 'Walk On The Wild Side'.

Ah, anyway - felt it best to simply transcribe the insights from the man himself Musician, 77, from Ditchling in East Sussex tells his Bowie tale - ah, a different floral tribute...

"We go way back - even before Space Oddity, to the first BBC sessions which were quite remarkable. I don’t know if records of those could be purchased?

I think he was a total genius and the world will miss him. To me, he’s up there with Shakespeare. Everything David did, he did himself - and everything about his career was what he wanted to do.