Monday, May 30, 2016

Some comfort for refugees - amid grim suffering and warnings of worse storms ahead

Stricken refugees rescued from the Aegean Sea will be looked after better and more safely thanks to generous Metro readers.
A fresh batch of supplies has just been delivered to the beleaguered Greek island of Lesbos, funded by thousands of pounds’ worth of readers’ donations.
But actor Hugo Speer, who delivered specially-designed beds which can accommodate almost 100 people, warned that a new ‘storm’ looms of many more migrant boats bringing misery to the shoreline.
He was most touched by one Syrian youngster holding up a placard, pleading: ‘I survived war but you make me wish I didn’t.’
Metro told in March how The Full Monty star Speer and Men Behaving Badly and The Night Manager actor Neil Morrissey had just spent a week in Lesbos helping the rescue efforts.

Monday, May 09, 2016

All those Afghan interpreters, Britain's crucial unarmed forces, merit grateful refuge not dismissive neglect

A young girl brings a letter home from school from her parents. So far, so everyday, anywhere.
Except it’s from the Taliban, vowing execution for her ‘infidel’ father.
His crime? Risking his life – and those of his family and friends – for British forces. Only to find that ‘help for heroes’ only apparently goes so far.
Whether morally – after putting themselves in danger not only as targets but ‘traitors’ – or merely pragmatically – why should any conflict-zone local help help-denying Britain in future? – the Afghan interpreters’ case (raised way back when by Metro) should seem open-and-shut.