Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hod fuzz...

Concentration on the new Wembley was diverted a little by this rather alarming photo, contained in Saturday's Under-21s official programme:
And there was me thinking the young Glenn could barely muster a wispy excuse for a moustache to make Gary Neville's look Merv Hughes-esque.
Presumably this picture was taken before some kindly soul told Hoddle that Chas and Dave were fine for FA Cup Final songs,
but not - repeat NOT - for personal grooming advice.


Toxic said...

Had to take a second look, like you didn't think GH could muster more than high school bum fluff.

WDKY said...

We were talking about The Man at the last game, and I realised (yet again) that for me he remains the greatest ever.

Despite that song.

kjohn said...

My Mum taught him at high school but at that point she said he couldn't even muster whispey bum fluff. It looks like he was going for the Jesus look in this one so I guess it was a sign of things to come.