Thursday, June 10, 2010

"But I want to know for sure...?"

ENGLAND’S figure-conscious Wags have been promised a slap-up meal by their highest-profile South African equivalent.
Matthew Booth’s wife Sonia wants to take the likes of Victoria Beckham, Coleen Rooney and Christine Bleakley to her mum’s home in Soweto and force-feed them an authentic local feast.
‘Pap, boerewors, chakalaka – nothing fancy, just traditional South African food,’ she promised.
(Pap is a kind of porridge, boerewors a sausage and chakalaka a spicy relish.)
And if Posh finds such pap hard to swallow, she should try forcing down the ‘Wild Thing’ offered to many visitors almost as soon as they arrive.
This Wild Thing that might indeed make your heart sing – though with pain, not pleasure – comprises hefty chunks of springbok, ostrich and warthog on a spit.
Your non-daredevil, meat-dodging Metro reporter made his excuses … and ordered the salad.

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