Thursday, June 10, 2010

Home, home on the range...

FABIO Capello has been giving football tips to his US counterpart – though it took a while for Michael Bradley to even realise.
Praising Capello yesterday for his tactical flexibility, the US coach said: ‘The quote’s he always used with me was, “When you make wine, the grapes aren’t always the same.”
‘The first few times he said it, I thought he was actually talking about wine.
‘I only eventually realised he was trying to tell me a few things about football.’
Bradley could in fact turn his hand to milk-churning instead of grape-crushing, as the good ol’ boys of the USA spend this summer down on the range.
The squad is based around the Irene dairy farm, near Pretoria, where players can find themselves picking a path through cows and chickens en route to public appearances.

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