Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Police and thieves in the street..."

A WORLD Cup criminal picked the wrong victim when he stole a laptop from one of South Africa’s leading prosecutors.
A Peruvian man has been accused of swiping the computer belonging to a Lieutenant-Colonel A Basi, from South Africa’s Directorate of Priority Crimes.
The crime has duly been made a priority, as one of the first 21 cases fast-tracked through the country’s special ‘World Cup courts’.
Other offences include the theft of four branded Coca-Cola umbrellas whose total cost was said to - somehow - be 5,000 Rand, or £500, at a ‘fan park’ in Mpumalanga.
The National Prosecuting Authority said 13 of the first defendants were foreigners, with eight South Africans.
The accused include a South African man in Pretoria accused of pretending to be a British tourist before fleeing without paying his hotel and car hire bills.
A South African taxi driver has also been charged with stealing from a British passenger’s bag, while an American was accused of stealing four laptops and
Two Zimbabweans and a Nigerian were last week jailed for 15 years for a gunpoint robbery of Spanish and Portuguese journalists at their hotel in Magaliesburg.
Players from the Greek and Uruguayan squads have also had cash and property stolen from their hotel rooms.

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