Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Everyone walks around, with a perpetual smile upon their face..."

AUSSIES, Aussies everywhere (and all of them on the drink).
No matter which German city you visit, you’re never too far from an inflatable kangaroo with a sozzled “Socceroo” at the other end.
Their first World Cup finals appearance for 32 years has attracted even more Australians than a job ad for bar staff in Earls Court.
Okay, so some seem a little confused as to what this World Cup is all about.
Amid the herds of toy marsupials bounding the streets, one group wielded an inflatable David Boon.
Though perhaps that actually was David Boon.
A-plus for optimism – but D-minus for geography – for the Australians occupying a hotel in Frankfurt for all four weeks of the tournament.
Their only chance of a game at the city’s stadium is by topping Group F ahead of Brazil, then reaching the quarter-finals.
More realistic focus is fixed upon Stuttgart next Thursday – when Australia’s Croatians clash with Croatia’s Australians.

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