Monday, June 12, 2006

"More I cannot wish you, than to wish you find your Love..."

Previous tournament tantrums have come from the likes of Roy Keane, Stefan Effenburg and Edgar Davids.
It seems we’re still waiting for the first major bust-up of Germany 2004, ending in either the walk-out or explusion of an influential but troublesome player.
So far, only Togo’s manager has thrown up his hands and decided the World Cup “Fussball-fest” isn’t worth the fuss.
Hopefully, though, Angola will set a good example – they do, after all, have Love on their side – on the bench, anyway.
Not to mention Goliath, who I was disappointed not to see starting in goal, and who would be a headline-writer’s dream if his side came up against Beckham’s England.
Other lovely names in the Togo squad include Jamba, Loco and Lebo Lebo.
Had he only been able to turn in a late chance last night, things could have turned out rosy for Mateus.
How sad they decided to leave at home, however, the likes of Freddy, Jo-Jo and Rats, who sound more like wiseguys shooting dice in a Damon Runyon story.


Mike said...

Glad to see you're having such a good time out there - you must be looking forward to Brazil later on.

I enjoyed reading your column this morning too, but please, keep the Arsenal conspiracy theories down to a minimum if you can!

Toxic said...

Ljungberg & Melberg are kicking off again, you can't beat Ghana's Pimpong

Aidan said...

Oops, sorry about that! Though, really, it could have been any club with Nike convenience... At least in my original copy (don't know if it survived) I forced myself, for the sake of a "joke", to suggest Diamond Lights was anything other than the neglected pop classic we all secretly know it to be...

Razak Pimpong - you're right, close thre competition now.
Just a shame Ghana decided not to take take along Joetex Frimpong too.