Monday, June 26, 2006

"It took me years to write, will you take a look...?"

A lucrative little book industry is cashing in on Jurgen Klinsmann’s ‘New Germany’ revolution.
His American fitness guru Mark Verstegen has brought out a guide to his unorthodox techniques.
These have had Ballack, Klose and company waddling around with rubber bands around their ankles and harnessed to weights like drayhorses.
Right-back Arne Friedrich has published his own cookbook, Kochen Wie Die Weltmeister, featuring such recipes as Chili Con (Oliver) Kahn and Chicken (Torsten) Frings.
Friedrich’s book, translated as Cooking Like The World Champions, is gaining more and more prominence in bookshop windows the further Germany progress.
But poor reserve goalkeeper Oliver Kahn’s autobiography Nummer Eins has been spotted tucked away at the back of a display – with a shaming red ‘Reduced’ sticker slapped across the front.

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