Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Poles" apart...

You can take the boys out of Poland, but maybe you can’t entirely take Poland out of the boys.
Germany’s adoptive strikeforce Lukas Podolski and Miroslav Klose somehow spurned the simplest chances to score against the land they left as children.
The misses may have endeared them to their Polish partners – and they can blame Oliver Neuville for the strike that finally sent Poland packing.
Pre-match, the émigrés from Eastern Europe had tactfully praised Polish women as prettier, calmer and “erotischer” than German girls.
But perhaps it would be best to avoid both subjects when the in-laws next come to call.
The "derby" was typically tasty and frenetic – the rivalry between the two countries does, as they say, have a little history to it.
But not everyone was enticed.
Yes, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was there, despite failing to disguise just how dull she finds football.
But it was hard to ignore all the empty seats in the VIP area around her.
Presumably Fifa will be enforcing their policy of yellow cards for all no-shows – and warning: one more absence, and you’re out for good.
... Won’t they?

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