Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"There was no hope, no reasoning - this rainy day in June..."

Well, one England excuse may be about to be washed away if all goes badly tomorrow.

After a week of scorchingly hot sun across Germany, Dortmund has just dispensed a drenching to me and many more, sent scuttling through the puddles to wring ourselves out in the media centre hours and hours ahead of Germany and Poland kicking off tonight.

I had arrived surprisingly early in the city, despite a four-hour rail journey from Stuttgart (only just leaping on board with seconds to spare), but my ambitions of filling in some of the hours ahead of tonight's game by seeing a bit of the city were quickly abandoned as the heavens opened.

If a similar soaking hits Nuremberg tomorrow, at least England can't claim to be unfamiliar with such conditions.

Apparently a friend told his wife who England were playing tomorrow, and she paused for thought before replying: "Trinidad and Tobago? Two games in one night?"


Mike said...

It's a bit disconcerting that England have to reach for the British Rail book of excuses when they put in a mediocre performance.

Aidan said...

I was pondering, though, that wouldn't it be fairer once in a while to have a World Cup in winter?

Apparently the 1978 one was pretty chilly in Argentina. The next time it comes to South America, rather than the punishing altitude heights of, say, Mexico, could be our optimum climate. Huh. Another excuse'll be needed, then...

Yet even if the World Cup goes where it's expected to in 2014 - I just struggle to imagine winter in Brazil...