Saturday, June 10, 2006

"Stand and deliver..."

It's chaos here in Frankfurt, where I've just managed to struggle my way through the queuing crowds and zealous security checks, albeit now carrying a (slightly) lighter load: after a search of the travelbag I've had to bring with, my deodorants were confiscated.
Perhaps they were seen as a potentially offensive weapon.
Oh, for a bit of joined-up thinking. With plenty of the tournament, and travelling, left, the absence of deoderant could prove to be even more offensive...

Two years ago, when Catherine and I were going into Porto's stadium for the Euro 2004 qualifier between Greece and the Czech Republic, the security staff were very insistent on confiscating her cheese baguette.
I think it was the lack of meat inside which worried them...

Still, some confiscations are clearly necessary.
Take another friend, Nick, for example - who delayed a group entrance to Loftus Road to see QPR play Everton, when the stewards started emptying his pockets to reveal such contraband as a Swiss army knife, a screwdriver, and a dog lead...

He doesn't even have a dog.

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